Publish Date 2023-01-18
Construction Industry Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony & Lo Pan Service Month 2023
Event ID: VL22A0001
Enrolment Deadline: 2022-02-03
Status Closed

Construction Industry Sports and Volunteering Programme (CISVP) organises "Construction Industry Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony" annually to commend the industry practitioners and organisations that provide outstanding contribution to the society last year.

The "Construction Industry Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony 2023" (the Ceremony) is slated for Sunday, 16 July 2023. Besides, there will be several exhibition panels showcasing the outstanding performances of each awardees and awarded projects, you are cordially invited to visit. After the Ceremony, there will be a Mobile Donation Vehicle from Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service parking inside the CIC-ZCP for public to participate in blood donation, let's save lives!


CISVP launches "Lo Pan Service Month" every year to carry forward the spirit of Master Lo Pan and encourage all industry practitioners to join various volunteering services, the services will also be promoted widely to the society.

Total 3 signature volunteering services will be organised in “Lo Pan Service Month 2023”, here are the event details:

1. "Construction Industry Blood Donation Day": Collaborating with Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, blood donation stations will be set up in Hong Kong Institute of Construction and CIC - Zero Carbon Park. CISVP also encourage industry organisations to hold or participate in blood donation, all industry practitioners and public are welcomed to join.

2. "Construction Industry Shoreline Clean-up Day": Construstion industry organisations have been arranged to clean the shorelines on Saturdays and Sundays.

3. "Construction Industry Lo Pan Rice Campaign": Collaborating with various NGOs, "Lo Pan Rice" will be sent to the disadvantaged groups on every Fridays.

We look forward to the support from all industry practitioners, let's build a better community!

Should you have any enquiries, please contact CISVP Office (2100 9488 / ).